Secondi Piatti

Second Courses

Polpette di miglio

Crescia sfogliata marchigiana (Italian Flatbread) – This griddle-cooked unleavened bread is lighter than Foccacia, flakier than a flour tortilla, and used to make wraps that are similar in style to quesadillas.

Frittata – This 2nd course dish is to Italians what an omelette is to the French, or what a Tortilla is to Spaniards (not to be confused with the tortilla found in Mexican cuisine), and can also be served as an appetizer or a side-dish.  We like to make it with Parmigiano & Chard, Bacon & Gorgonzola, or Sausage & Onion.

Maiale in agrodolce (Roman-style Grilled Pork Chops) – The name says “sweet & sour”, but of course, in the land that brought you La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) anything sour is itself sweetened; case in point, reduced balsamic vinegar!  And then there’s the actual sweet part: honey.  Add some rosemary, throw them on some hot coals, and you are grilling like a Roman.

Pesce al cartoccio (Wrapped & Baked White Fish) – It could be a mere coincidence that everyone calls it the most memorable meal of their trip to Italy, but we doubt it! We’ll show you how to choose the ideal handful of Mediterranean herbs and spices to tuck in with your slice of white fish, wrap it nice & snug, and pop it in the oven until it becomes a single explosion of seaside flavors that leaves your mouth watering for days.

Polpette (Meatballs) – These award-winning meatballs (from our own book of original family recipes) beat out even the entries made by Italian-born participants in a 2010 Meatball-making contest!

Polpettone (Italian-style Meatloaf) – Made with the our family’s meatball recipe, basted with marinara, and served with even more marinara.

Salsiccia alla griglia (Grilled Italian Sausage) – Butcher-made Italian sausages blended with mild or spicy Italian herbs, and grilled al fresco to a sizzle.