Desserts & Dessert Beverages

– Maybe the best example of how specific Italian cuisine can get, this dessert is specifically for when you need a sweet-treat AND you need to re-caffeinate BUT it’s really hot out.  Needless to say, there are other versions, including for other weather!

Biscottini (Mini Chocolate or Almond Biscotti/Cookies) – Smaller and easier to bite than the jumbo-sized American versions, these dainty, crumbly biscotti are the ideal dessert after a 4-course Italian feast.  Dip one into an Italian liquor and your after-dinner drink doubles as a dessert course.  And the left-overs give you something to wake up for after a late night (dunked in a creamy cappuccino, of course).

Crostata (Fruit Tart) – With the crunchy crust of a fruit tart that’s baked like a fruit pie, the crostata is among the most traditional of Italian sweets. And just like biscotti, you can have it for dessert OR breakfast.

Caffe corretto, caffelatte, cappuccino (Espresso Drinks) –

Limoncello (Lemon Liqueur) –

Panna cotta (“Cooked Cream”) – NOTHING compares to the cool freshness, the mildly sweet mouthful of heaven, that is a creamy-dreamy spoonful of panna cotta, and we aren’t even exaggerating a tiny bit.  By comparison, pudding is pasty, flan is spongy and creme brulee is heavy.

Tiramisu – If ever a dessert needed no introduction, it’s this one!  But it’s worth mentioning that the way the espresso perks up the mascarpone with its sharper notes, which in turn tempers the bitterness of the espresso with its coolness, is a like model relationship in each bite!