Mozzarella Fresca
AND from Montebello: Crescia Sfogliata, Polpette di Miglio

Bruschetta – THE classic Roman antipasto…Punto (Period).  Learn to prepare the tomato “relish” topping, and how to properly grill the bread (Yes, it was originally made outdoors over a charcoal grill, and sometimes  still is in Italy!).  Also served with other “tapenades”.

Caponata – Traditionally a contorno (side-dish), this sweet & sour Sicilian vegetable relish also makes a great topping for crostini (crackers), bruschetta, and even pasta.

Cipolline in Agrodolce (Sweet & Sour Onions) – These mini pearl onions are seasoned & seared until they turn tart; martini onions are their tame twin sisters.

Peperonata (Stewed Sweet Peppers) – Ditto for these tangy mini peppers.  Savory, but not spicy, they are the sweet & sour cousins of “Cipolline in agrodolce”.

Insalata caprese (Caprese Salad) – Not all Caprese Salads are created equal!  We use garden-fresh organic tomatoes & basil, actual bufala mozzarella and imported organic Italian olive oil, and teach you the traditional way to prepare and present this classic dish.

Polenta alla milanese (“Fried” Polenta) – We broil, instead of fry, these polenta slices until they are crisped on the outside, but somehow still creamy on the inside. Our Marinara is the perfect dip to dunk them in.